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 Year end (2013) Recognitions [ January 2014 ]

Empower's recognition articles from year end (2013)

Empower RF Systems is proud to highlight a compilation of the Company's recent accolades from year end (2013) recognition articles that were included in a number of industry leading publications. We are pleased to have been singled out as part of technology, product specific, and marketing collateral top performers' lists during the year.

RF Globalnet included Empower RF in their Top 10 of 2013 newsletter in two different categories. Specifically, one of our "At A Glance" documents (Amplifier Solutions for Electronic Attack) was a top 10 download from their website and our 1kW in 5U chassis product was also singled out as a "standout technology" in their number one rated editorial perspective (a Summary of IMS 2013 observations).

RF Globalnet Newsletter: Top 10 Of 2013

In addition to that, EverythingRF rated Empower's Model 2162 as #3 of the 15 Most Popular Amplifiers, Transistors and Front End Modules in 2013. See the link below.

Everything RF newsletter: 15 Most Popular in 2013

Empower's multiple appearances in the press and interest in our next generation amplifier architecture were the subject of an article, written by a well-known technical contributor at Microwaves and RF, Jack Browne, for their October, 2013 issue. Jack was writing about Empower Model 2066 (500-1000MHz, 1kW) as one of the featured products. You can also find this article online, see the link below:

Microwaves & RF article: Amps Pack High Power To 1 GHz

This recognition, along with numerous press releases and media appearance throughout the year, highlight our investments in next generation hardware and software which are targeted at high power amplifier applications in our focus markets of EW, Test & Measurement, Communications, and Radar.



October21, 2019
  Amplifier for GPS Denial SKU2226

May 08, 2019
  EW Europe 2019 Presentation

February 25, 2019
  GaN Module SKU 1219

November 23, 2018
  Three EW Emitters Controlled at AOC 2018

October 8, 2018
  SKU 2223 GaN System Amplifier

July 26, 2018
  Hands on Demo at EMC Symposium 2018

June 5, 2018
  Live Demo at IMS 2018

April 23, 2018
  Multi-Mode Power Amplifier SKU 2215

January 23, 2018
  HF Communications-Jamming Transmitter

November 17, 2017
  AOC 2017 Presentation

September 25, 2017
  Mil Standard 810

July 31, 2017
  Live Demo at EMC 2017

May 16, 2017
  IMS 2017 Technical Presentation

May 16, 2017
  IMS 2017 Remote Demo

March 2, 2017
  Pulsed Scalable Amplifier

October 27, 2016
  SKU 2185 10KW Radar Amplifier

July 2016
  First Remote Live Demo at EMC 2016

May 2016
  Live Demo at IMS 2016

February 2016
  TEVET partnership

January 2016
  Low Power Amplifier Systems

October 2015
  1 to 2.5 GHz 2 kW HPA

August 2015
  Patent Approval 9,093,731 B2

May 2015
  Patent Approval 9,007,125 B2

April 2015
  Rental Partnership

March 2015
  SKU 2170 Live Demo at MTT-S IMS 2015

February 2015
  SKU 2170 Live Demo at EMC & SI 2015

January 2015
  80 to 1000 MHz, 500W HPA

December 2014
  1 to 3 GHz 1 kW HPA

August 2014
  Wireless Design & Development: EMC Top 10

July 2014
  "Live" at EMC 2014

July 2014
  Microwaves & RF: Power-Amplifier Systems Get Smarter

July 2014
  Patent Approval

January 2014
  Year end (2013) Recognitions

December 2013
  Systems "Shrink Job"

October 2013
  "Size Matters" Live Demo at AOC 2013

October 2013
  Recent and Unique SATCOM Solution

September 2013
  500W HPA in 3U Chassis

September 2013
  Microwaves & RF: Amps Pack High Power To 1 GHz

August 2013
  1 kW PA Demonstrations at Industry Events

June 2013
  Empower's Live Demo of 20 to 1000 MHz, 1 kW PA at IMS 2013

March 2013
  Next Generation HPA Software Update Capability

February 2013
  1 kW PAs are Available for Immediate Delivery + Free Accessory Kit

January 2013
  Executive Chairman Role and CEO Transition

January 2013
  2.5 to 6 GHz Module SKU # 1191

October 2012
  Microwave Journal: Interview with Barry Phelps

June 2012
  1 kW System in 5U Chassis Introduction

June 2012
  Amplifier Module 125W P3dB, minimum SKU # 1163

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