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Markets Served

Military and Aerospace

Empower RF Systems has established itself as a premier design, development and manufacturing center of excellence in high-power solid state radio frequency amplifiers. Specializing in extreme wideband linear amplifiers, Empower offers products suitable for virtually any RF, microwave and radar application.

Communications: Use of cutting-edge technology allows us to offer compact, lightweight amplifiers covering wideband and band-specific frequencies up to 6 GHz. Empower amplifiers are presently used in airborne, shipboard, vehicle mount and ground programs.

Electronic Warfare: Empower amplifiers are currently used in communications and radar jamming systems covering HF through S-band frequencies at power levels to several kilowatts. Transmit/receive switches and harmonic filters can be incorporated in these high-power amplifier systems for maximum range and selectivity without problems of self-jamming.

Radar: Our frequency-agile product line is ideal to support the demands of today\'s radar systems. Systems to support applications such as synthetic aperture, fire control and phased-array radar are immediately available.

TACAN, IFF and DME: Utilized by various domestic and international OEMs for their tactical air navigation (TACAN), distance measuring equipment (DME) and identification friend or foe (IFF) requirements. Power levels range from 250 watts to 6 kilowatts.

Intelligence: Enhanced small-signal performance and extensive internal shielding make Empower amplifiers top choices for all types of encrypted and digital wireless monitoring. Ease of concealment, electrical power economy, compact envelope and robust construction are ideal for battery-powered overwatch systems.

National Security

IEDs: "Improvised explosive devices" have been a fast-evolving threat in modern warfare. Amplifiers from Empower RF are important building blocks in OEM systems that are designed to counter this threat.

Domestic Security: With the threat of terrorist attacks greater than ever, Empower offers the ability for complete interdiction of illicit wireless signals-while allowing unparalleled security for authorized transmissions.


Electromagnetic and RF Interference (EMI/RFI): With the prevalence of wireless transmitters in the modern urban environment, Empower's amplifiers permit verifying products for hardness against EM/RF interference. Highly linear performance across multiple octaves allow us to supply a compact, user-friendly package that can handle interference simulations at multiple frequencies and at field strengths to 600 volts per linear meter.

Communications: Empower's 7000 series amplifiers are specifically designed to meet the stringent multitone performance required for clearest communications in today's congested RF bands. Compact, power-efficient designs maximize valuable space in towers and network operations centers.

Broadcasting: Empower has met head-on the challenges of power amplification for emerging digital commercial broadcast such as DTV and high-definition radio. Tight control of output bandwidth and harmonics enables Empower's amplifiers to provide broadcast engineers excellent control over RF coverage and long MTBF ensure a reliable, low-maintenance network. Currently, we have a line of DTV amplifiers, exciter/demodulator and 8VSB modulators undergoing final FCC type acceptance.

Industrial and Scientific

Industrial: Empower is proud to offer the power and flexibility for diverse applications such as semiconductor processing, thin-film and diamond vapor deposition, plasma processing and microwave-based heating. Lowest cost of ownership, virtually zero maintenance and high duty cycles make Empower products ideal enterprise solutions.

Scientific: Enhance the output of any science program with the reliability, power and precision of Empower amplifiers whether transmitting critical instructions in a billion-dollar space program, taking ultra-precise Doppler measurements or boosting the data yield of linear accelerator experiments.

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