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High Power Solid State RF & Microwave Amplifiers 6 GHz and below

Smallest Size in the Industry 1 kW RF Amplifier Systems Remote Access User Experience RF Amplifiers Available for Immediate Purchase
Power Amplifier Solutions for Tactical Radio & Communications


[ Military, Government agency, Tactical radios, Networks ]

Empower is a major leader in providing leading edge, "Best in Class" power amplifiers for command and control communications for the warfighter, civilian and homeland network applications. These multi-band, multi-mission, highly integrated amplifiers are designed for software-defined radios in manpack, vehicular and fixed site configurations.

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Power Amplifier Solutions for Test and Measurement


[ Power Amplifiers for Radiated Immunity: EMI, EMC - Scientific ]

EMC compliance labs are choosing Empower RF for its technology advancements that have leapfrogged the old establishment while offering refreshing and long overdue performance and feature set enhancements. We provide best in class RF and Microwave amplifiers that go beyond 200V/m CW and 600V/m pulsed for todays demanding Radiated Susceptibility testing requirements.

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Power Amplifier Solutions for Electronic Attack


[ Force protection, Manpack, Vehicle, Fixed site ]

Empower has played a major role in Force Protection and National Security by providing cutting edge, compact, ultra broadband power amplifiers for counter IED systems, CREW IED jammers. These vehicle-mount and dismounted electronic warfare jammers are designed to prevent activation of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED).

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Power Amplifier Solutions for Radar


[ Ground based, Shipboard and Airborne (Including UAV) ]

We offer a wide variety of power amplifiers as standalong or high power tube drivers up to several kilowatts. Radar applications include HF for over-the-horizon (OTH), VHF for very long range and ground generation and UHF for very long range (e.g. ballistic missile early warning) and foliage penetration (SAR). Empower has also provided amplifiers in L-band for long range air traffic control and surveillance (IFF) as well as S-band for moderate range surveillance and long range weather.

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Latest Updates

New Rental Partnership

1 to 3 GHz, 1 kW HPA in 5U chassis

Empower RF Systems and Advanced Test Equipment Rental (ATEC) Announce New Rental Partnership. ATEC will now carry the Empower Next Generation Platform of RF amplifiers. ATEC is one of the largest rental companies of test equipment for telecommunications, aerospace, semiconductor, consumer electronics and many other sectors.

Patent approval: Combiner for an RF Power Amplifier

Patent approval: Combiner for an RF Power Amplifier

The embodiments of this patent protection are related to the design, associated materials, and integration of the high power combiner that is integral to delivering multi-kW broadband power (CW) and narrow band pulse in an air cooled, 5U chassis (and other combinations of power and chassis sizes utilizing this architecture).

TWT Replacement

1 to 2.5 GHz, 2 kW HPA in 8U chassis

We are pleased to announce our Model 2180 solid state GaN high power RF Amplifier is now shipping and with 2KW of power from 1Ghz to 2.5Ghz in an 8U chassis, Empower has brought another industry first by providing the power level, power density, and cost combination that renders the TWT obsolete.

500Mhz to 2700Mhz Module Family

RF Modules: 500Mhz to 2700Mhz

Designed for communications OEM’s to integrate into their own products this popular band is available in 25, 50, and 100 watt versions. Models 1205, 1208, and 1209 are ideal for testing combiners, filters, directional couplers, or as a driver module for testing HPA’s . Features include external shutdown control, temperature monitoring, and current monitoring outputs.

High Power RF Amplifiers with stop frequencies up to Solid State RF Power Amps 6 GHz and below 500 MHz Frequency up to 500 MHz 1000 MHz Frequency up to 1000 MHz 2500 MHz Frequency up to 6000 MHz 6000 MHz

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