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Pulsed RF Power Amplifiers

HF, UHF, VHF, L, S, C bands with power from 1 to 150KW,
liquid cooled and hot swapping available
Pulsed RF Power Amplifiers

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Features and Capabilities

Utilizing GaN on SiC and LDMOS, Empower RF is among the first to successfully employ these device technologies into multi-kilowatt pulse RF and microwave amplifier systems. With design and manufacturing in Southern California, Empower RF has a proven track record delivering reliable RF and microwave high power pulsed solid state amplifiers for Radar and related research, EW, threat simulators, DO-160 Section 20, Mil-Std 464, automotive, semiconductor device characterization and multipaction testing.

Pulsed Amplifiers List

2210 150 450 12000 73 Pulse R19U
2234 400 450 180000 86 Pulsed 80 U
2185 960 1215 10000 74 Pulse R9U
2244 1000 1400 8000 74 Pulsed 40 U
2206 1000 2000 2000 63 Pulse R6U
2207 1000 2000 4000 66 Pulse R9U
2208 1000 2000 8000 69 Pulse R15U
2237 1000 2000 40000 81 Pulse 40U
2211 2700 3200 1200 62 Pulse R3U
2236 2800 3500 120000 72 Pulse 80 U
2239 2900 3500 1000 65 Pulse, CW R3U
2229 2900 3500 2500 65 Pulse R5U
2214 2900 3500 8000 70 Pulse R19U
2213 2900 3500 10000 70 Pulse R15U
2254 2900 3500 15000 75 Pulse 19RU
6012 3100 3500 1300 38 Pulse R3U
2238 2000 4000 12000 76 Pulse, CW 40U
2240 5200 5900 800 65 Pulse, CW R3U
2232 5200 5900 2500 65 CW, Pulse R5U
2242 5200 5900 4000 67 Pulse 8RU
2217 5200 5900 8000 70 Pulse R18U
2247 5400 5900 30000 81 Pulse, CW R40U
1222 9000 10000 250 60 Pulse 7.0 x 4.0 x 1.0
2241 9000 10000 1000 65 Pulse R3U
2221 9000 10000 8000 70 Pulse R20U
Denotes best choices in this performance range.

Scalable Pulsed Power Architecture

For very high power pulsed applications Empower developed a scalable amplifier with an expandable system hardware architecture designed to save you money- "you buy only the power you need today" and add power amplifier blocks later when your test or application requires more output power. Adding 3U power amplifier blocks in the future is accomplished easily and simply with no phase matching or other tuning required. For mission critical applications, which often require a complete spare backup system, our scalable architecture allows for this to be accomplished with minimal additional hardware at a fraction of the cost of a duplicate spare system. This scalable approach has the added benefit that one design covers many power levels so custom and semi-custom requirements are easily accommodated reducing our design effort to primarily that of the external combiner.

Alternatives to TWT

Solid state has a well documented overall cost of ownership and reliability advantages over the TWT in a continually expanding list of available power and bandwidth combinations. The first warning comes from recognizing the warranty on TWT amplifiers is often 1 year versus the standard 3 year warranty on equivalent SSPA’s. TWT’s also suffer from their single point of failure architecture in addition to inferior MTTF. Empowers pulsed SSPA’s amplifiers have a built in N+1 redundancy inherent to the architecture and for critical transmit applications a factory preset is available for “always transmitting” in the event of certain component failures or high VSWR conditions. Long duty cycles are also available.

Pulse Shape Duplicating

Here’s the problem we are solving: High power amplifiers do a poor job duplicating the input signal without distortions. Due to the pulse transient response of the amplifier the output will over shoot, ring and droop, introducing undesired low and high frequency components into other parts of the spectrum. By using a digital feedback loop within the rf chain, the amplifier issues can be fixed where they occur, within the amplifier, eliminating the need for exciter pulse manipulation or custom tuning. In most test applications merely duplicating the clean pulse of the input signal generator is a tremendous benefit but pulse shape duplicating will also duplicate imperfect pulses, which is new capability for EW threat simulation applications where this duplicating ability allows the amplifier to reproduce recorded adversary pulse signals with high fidelity. Consult the factory if this capability is desired.

You can read more on this topic here

Request a custom pulse amplifier quote: custom Designs can include integrated switches and filters, M2M software interface cloning and custom software for amplifier integration into your system.

Reliable and Rugged

In addition to scalability, this amplifier offers an inherently rugged design and is based on our patented NEXT GENERATION architecture that virtually eliminates every internal connector found in the industries typical RF/Microwave amplifier system. Further, this electromechanical design improves reliability and SWaP, resulting in power density that is best in class.

RF Power Pulse Amplifier System Shake Test

Amplifier System is transmitting at full power (1 KW CW) while being subjected to extreme, mil-standard testing for shock and vibration.

These amplifiers have a high degree of software architecture and as a result we can add or modify features in software that performs functions that simplify your integration effort and schedule. We can match software call out and codes as well as send out commands from the amplifier to control external equipment according to your specifications. We can program the amplifier to respond to a variety of conditions based on your desires and needs, to ease your system integration or improve the overall performance of the system it is part of.

Pulsed Amplifiers