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High Power RF Amplifier Modules
with Stop Frequencies from 1000 MHz up to 2500 MHz

SKU: 1113

High Power RF Amplifier Modules SKU 1113




Start Frequency1000 MHz
Stop Frequency2500 MHz
Output Power50 Watt
Gain46 dB
Operating Voltage Vd28 VDC
Power Consumption Id6.5 Amp
Size6.4x2.68x1.0 inch
Modulation TypeCW/FM/AM

Empower model SKU 1113: 1000-2500 MHz or 1-2.5 GHz, 50 Watt, 46 dB

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Denotes best choices in this performance range.
SKUModelStart (MHz)Stop (MHz)Output Power (Watt)Gain (dB)SizeQuote / Buy
1026BBM4A5AAJ1000200010 40 6.0x2.15x0.72
1012BBM4A5ACJ1000200015 40 6.8x2.7x0.8
1165BBM4A5ALO10002000120 50 7.4x4.1x1.1
1149BBM4A5AMP10002000150 50 7.4x4.1x1.06
1190BBM4A5AN410002000230 10 8.2 x 5.5 x 1.1
7084PCM5A5ECO2110217016 49 4.0x5.5x1.3
7085PCM5A5EFO2110217030 49 5.1x6.7x1.2
7079PCM5A5EIO2110217060 49 5.9 x 6.9 x 1.1
1041BBM4A5K7H100025005 36 6.0x2.15x0.9
1117BBM3K5KEL500250025 44 6.0x3.0x1.0
1119BBM3K5KHM500250050 46 7.4x3.6x1.1
1189BBM3K5KKO5002500100 50 7.4x3.6x1.06
121112115002500100 57 7.0 x 4.0 x 1.1
1139BBM4A5KK510002500100 12 7.9x5.0x1.0
7112PCM5M5OGJ2620269030 41 4.4x6,7x1.1
1205BBM3K5OEL500270025 44 6.0 x 3.0 x 1.0
1208BBM3K5OKO5002700100 50 8.2x3.6x1.06
1047BBM4A6AAJ1000300010 40 6.8x2.7x0.8
1164BBM3Q6AHM800300050 50 6.4x3.4x1.1
1148BBM4A6AHM 1000300050 50 6.4x3.4x1.1
1146BBM4A6AK510003000100 10 6.8x4.4x1.1
1199BBM4A6AKQ10003000100 61 7.0x4.0x1.1
1132BBM3T6AMQ9603000160 54 12x10x1.1
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Long Beach, CA
July 30-Aug2

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