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March, 2008

Empower RF helps prepare broadcasters for February 2009 analog TV cutoff

INGLEWOOD, Calif., March 3 -- FCC orders to cease analog television broadcasts have left the networks scrambling to ensure complete airwave coverage by the February 2009 cutoff date. The new broadcast typedigital TV, or DTVpromises to bring vastly superior picture, sound and channel selection to the airwaves free of charge. However, ensuring everyone currently receiving old-style analog broadcasts can receive the new digital broadcasts is proving to be problematic to major television networks.

Typical network broadcast signals can be blocked by land features such as buildings and mountains, potentially plunging some viewers into TV darkness. This can be a real problem for those who can't afford or don't wish to pay increasing monthly fees for cable or satellite television.

To help solve this quandary, companies like Empower RF have stepped up efforts to develop miniaturized DTV transmitters that can strengthen weak signals and beam them into broadcast voids. This promises to make the new DTV broadcasts available to residents of outlying, mountainous and rural areas.

"DTV retransmitters allow everyone to enjoy free, high-quality TV and help advertiser messages reach as many people as they always have. It's a win-win situation for all," said Effi Bainvoll, president of Empower RF, Inc. Bainvoll also said that Empower RF's retransmitters actually rebuild weak or faulty signals so viewers will get the crisp picture and loud audio that cable and satellite subscribers enjoy.

Empower's DTV products are also suitable for use as stand-alone transmitters for lower-power, environmentally conscious broadcasters, or where broadcasters would like to reduce airwave congestion.

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