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Size and weight of these amplifiers are superior to anything in the market at these frequencies and power level - user interface and diagnostics capabilities are built around high performance microprocessor and IP addressable, embedded web server - Guaranteed performance over full bandwidth and temperature.

1kW P3dB, minimum - full bandwidth under all specified temperatures and environmentals [-10 to +50 C ambient temperature]

Internal monitoring and protection, microprocessor control, event logs, non-volatile memory, IP addressable, embedded web server.

Configurable, universal power supply [single phase, two phase, three phase]

Touch screen interface. Built in test, remote diagnostics.

Product line platform - configurable without being custom.

What is so special about these 1kW systems

Guaranteed 1 kW RF performance over full bandwidth and temperature, which can be packaged in a 5U housing is not "typical" of product presently available in the market. Much larger rack sizes with power levels that are not sustained across an entire bandwidth and/or temperature range are what's commonly available.

In addition to this, the user interface capabilities of this amplifier that are standard with Empower next generation designs allow the user to initiate remote management and diagnostics via an embedded web server, enabling network managed site status and control simply by connecting the unit's Ethernet port to a LAN. Using a web browser and the unit's IP address (IPV6) allows ease of access with the benefit of multilevel security. The control system core supports hardware encryption and runs an embedded OS (Linux).

Event log and non-volatile memory

This allows for internal diagnostics and troubleshooting - basically, we have a flight recorder in the amplifier. In addition, the memory features enable us to record product and configuration information at time of manufacture.

Factory or user adjusted settings can be logged, as applicable.

Internal monitoring and protection features

The 1 kW family is designed to be actively (continuously) monitoring critical performance parameters - ie, temperature, current consumption, voltage levels, alarms, etc - and taking action via the microcontroller to initiate protection and/or shutdown to avoid PA damage.

Thermal management and reliability advantages

This is a "minimal touch" design which eliminates a number of manual process steps - design margin evaluation (DME) analysis and a full battery of qualification tests are integral to this product introduction. Detailed thermal simulations, heat spreading techniques, and device management all contribute to high reliability. Temperature compensation is actively running in these systems, including control down to the level of device quiescent current. Also, there is full monitoring and control of cooling fan speed and operation. When temperature is low, fan speed is reduced to prolong serviceability.

1 kW RF Amplifier  System

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Product Introduction
1 kW Systems


2126 20 500 1000 60 CW/FM/AM R5U
2162 20 1000 1000 63 CW/FM/AM R5U
2066 500 1000 1000 60 CW/FM/AM R5U
2170 1000 3000 1000 63 CW/FM/AM R5U
Denotes best choices in this performance range.

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