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Engineering Notes


Cooling Methods

Empower RF employs a modular form of construction. Modules are cooled by conduction to a heatsink. The mounting surfaces are machined to 63 micro-inches and 1 mil per inch TIR. Thermal compound is applied to ensure minimum thermal resistance at the interface. Thermal overload protection is supplied on most amplifiers.

Cooling can be accomplished four ways:

  • Conduction - The amplifier baseplate is mounted to the heatsink. The heatsink must be designed such that the maximum specified baseplate temperature is not exceeded, normally +71°C.

  • Convection - The amplifier contains a very large finned heatsink. The surface area is large enough to dissipate the heat in a still air environment.

  • Forced Air - Cooling air is directed through a finned heatsink in the amplifier.

  • Liquid - The cooling fluid is pumped through a chill plate in the amplifier. The cooling heat exchanger is external to the amplifier.


Touch Screen Color LCD Controller & Remote Operation Ver 3.93 Rev 3.3-3.8
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