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Engineering Notes


Class AB Operation

Class AB Amplifiers have a small forward DC bias, IB. The collector current, IC, (without RF drive) may be 1 % to 10% of the maximum design value.
As the RF drive is increased, the base bias (IB) and the collector current (IC) are increased proportionally.

rf amplifiers class ab

Summary of Characteristics Class AB

Class AB Advantages:

Multikilowatt Output Power
Good Efficiency
Compact Size
Good Linearity
Low Distortion
Broad Bandwidth
Relatively Cool Operation
CW, AM, FM, TV, Phase and Pulse Amplification

Class AB Disadvantages:

Limited Dynamic Range (15 to 30 dB)
Restricted IMD Characteristic
Higher Bandpass Ripple at Low RF Input Levels


ECM/EW Jammers
Booster Amplifiers
RFI/EMI Testing
High Power TWT Replacements
Visual Television Amplifiers
High Power Calibration Testing


Touch Screen Color LCD Controller & Remote Operation Ver 3.93 Rev 3.3-3.8
Not applicable to "Next Generation" platform

RS485 Serial Communication Protocol Documment Number: 0034-0001 Rev. A

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