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Engineering Notes


Class A Operation

Class A amplifiers have a fixed forward bias.

rf amplifiers class a

Base current, IB, and collector current, IC, flow over the full RF cycle. In addition, when operated below compression, the RF signal swing is uniformly above and below the quiescent DC bias set point and well within the linear region of the transistor.

rf amplifiers class a

Summary of Characteristics Class A

Class A Advantages:

Excellent Linearity
Low Distortion
Faithful Pulse Response Below the 1 dB Compression Point
Broad Bandwidth
Good Noise Figure
Low Bandpass Ripple at All Output Levels
Medium Output Power Capability
Phase & Gain Stable at All Output Levels

Class A Disadvantages:

Poor Efficiency
More Heat Dissipated
Larger Size


TWT Replacements
Sweeper/Synthesizer/Signal Generator Boosters
TV Amplifiers
Short Pulse Amplifiers
Multicarrier Amplification
Baseband Amplifiers
IF and Low Noise Amplifiers
Multi Decade Amplifiers
AM Amplifiers
Laboratory Drivers
EW/ECM Jammers
RFI Testing


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