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2014 Trade Shows

Trade Show Schedule

October 2014

51th Annual AOC International Symposium

Electronic Warfare

October 2014


EMC Exhibition & Workshops

August 2014


2014 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

June 2014

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2014 International Microwave Symposium

"Size Matters" Amplifiers - Consider the Possibilities

Video Presentation By Jon Jacocks, CEO

Watch this 10 minute video for a crash course on our company and latest product developments.

From RFGlobalnet.com

Amplifiers With Unprecedented SWaP

June 4, 2014

Jon Jacocks, president and CEO of Empower RF Systems introduces us to their line of power amplifiers in the frequency ranges of 6 GHz and below. These products are used for electronic warfare, test and measurement, wireless infrastructure, communications, and radar. Check out the video for an overview of what they have on display.

From MicrowaveJournal.com

IMS 2014 - Mergers and Collaborations Abound

June 16, 2014

Empower RF demonstrated that two is better than one when it comes to featuring high power amplifier systems, introducing their 20-1000 MHz, 1 KWatt compact 5U chassis power amplifier and their new 20-1000 MHz, 500 Watt compact 3U chassis. Excellent engineering and design allows the company to expand its portfolio of compact (size matters) broadband and band specific (below 6 GHz) high power amplifier systems for jammers, communications, radar/avionics and EMC test and measurement. Both systems on display are rack mount with significant size reductions over competitive offerings.

May 2014

Electronic Warfare Europe 2014

EW Europe: Evolution of EW and Electromagnetic Operations

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