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Systems and Modules Options

Please note that configuration options may require special handling and documentation that will incur a price adjustment.
Empower will provide a quotation, as required, to insure clarity on configuration and price

System Chassis

Option Number Description
B2U011  Bench Top 2U - 8.5"x3.5"x16"
B3U012  Bench Top 3U - 8.5"x5.25"x16"
R2U021  Rack Mount 2U - 19"x3.5"x18"
R3U022  Rack Mount 3U - 19"x5.25"x22"
R4U023  Rack Mount 4U - 19"x7.0"x22"
R5U024  Rack Mount 5U - 19"x8.75"x22"
R6U025  Rack Mount 6U - 19"x10.5"x22"
RMS026  Rack Mount Chassis Slides
C19U027  Cabinet 19U - 21.79"x33.53"x30.71"

Supply Voltages

Option Number Description
ACA031  120VAC, Single Phase (Input Range Line to Neutral 100 - 240 VAC)
ACB032  220VAc, Single Phase (Input Range Line to Neutral 180 - 260 VAC)
ACC033  208 VAC, 3-Phase (Input Range Line to Line 180 - 264 VAC)
ACD034  380 VAC, 3-Phase (Input Range Line to Line 323 - 418 VAC)
ACE035  480 VAC, 3- Phase (Input Range Line to Line 365 - 528 VAC)
DCA041  12 - 15VDC
DCB042  24VDC
DCC043  28VDC
DCD044  32VDC
DCE045  48VDC
DCF046  18 - 36VDC
 047  3 Phase Delta
 048  3 Phase YWE


Option Number Description
FCN051  Front Panel Type-N
RCN052  Rear Panel Type-N
FSP053  Front Panel SMA-F Sample Port
RSP054  Rear Panel SMA-F Sample Port


Modules Options

Option Number Description
HS0071  Heatsink
HSF072  Heatsink with built in fan(s)
VVA073  Built in Gain Adjustment
SHD074  Shutdown: F, M, S; TTL Hi = Disable
NTO075  N-Type Female Output Connector
NIO076  N-Type Female In/Out Connector
FTB077  Feed-Thru Bracket
TRA078  Heatsink Assembly with T/R Switch
RSD079  Reverse Shutdown Polarity
(TTL Hi - Enable)
DOP080  Dual Output
STO081  SMA Female Right Angle Output Connector
TRM082  Termination Protection
HIB083  Hibernation Mode

Systems Option Packages

Option Drawing Description
Opt01B2U, FCN, FGA
Opt02B2U, RCN, FGA
Opt03R2U, FCN, FGA
Opt04R2U, RCN, FGA
Opt05R2U, FCN, LCD
Opt06R2U, RCN, LCD
Opt07R3U, FCN, FGA
Opt08R3U, RCN, FGA
Opt09R3U, FCN, LCD
Opt10R3U, RCN, LCD
Opt11 R4U, FCN, FGA
Opt12 R4U, RCN, FGA
Opt13 R4U, FCN, LCD
Opt14 R4U, RCN, LCD
Opt15R5U, FCN, FGA
Opt16R5U, RCN, FGA
Opt17R5U, FCN, LCD
Opt18R5U, RCN, LCD

Control Options

Option Number Description
FGA061  Front panel 10 turns manual gain adjustment.
*See note 1
LCD062  Touchscreen Digital Display, including Fwd/Rev Power indication (dB or Watt scale), Gain Adjustment, ALC Fast/Slow, On/Off, Standby mode, Fault indication, Rear panel HPIB IEEE-488.2 or Full Duplex RS232 remote interface. Note: Output Power is lowered by 0.5 - 0.75dB.
*See note 1
INT063  Rear panel Interlock function - Shutdown [F<1uS, M<50uS, S=50uS-50mS]
LPS064  Harmonics Rejection Low Pass Filter Switch
DBS065  Dual Band Switching - TTL
RGA066  Rear panel gain adjustment via 9-pin D-Sub connector. [0-5V external voltage source.]
ALC067  Internal analog level control
TRS068  Tx / Rx Switch System

Note 1:

The following is the typical I/O connector configuration.
Option Number Description
1     Forward Test Point  Analog Voltage 0-5 V Test Point relative to Forward Power Output
 Not available in Bench Top Model, not available with option 061
2     Reverse Test Point  Analog Voltage 0-5 V Test Point relative to Reverse Power
 Not available in Bench Top Model, not available with option 061
3     +5 V Test Point  Measurement Voltage Output 5 V
4     VVA  Analog input Voltage 5.6 V (0V = Max Gain)
 Not available with option 062. For option 061 (call factory)
5     EXT Shutdown  Disable: TTL High (5 V)
 Enable: TTL Low (0 V) or Open or Ground
 Different configuration available (call factory)
6     +12 V (Test Point)  Output 12 V Test Point
7     PS+ (Test Point)  Unit DC supply voltage Test Point
8     GND  Ground
9     GND  Ground